< Flow control forming, teeth shape forming, precise shearing > An innovative plasticity manufacturer by cold forging and press technologies

Integrated forming (thicken metal)< Hub, Forward clutch >

We have succeeded in cutting cost of welding to abolish this process by combination of each separate parts. Process is Metal-sheet forging technology brings to thicken metal sheet partly. Both outer teeth and inner spline are formed by press-process. This product is the example to apply Metal-sheet cold-forging technology and tooth forming technology.

 · 1st press process is drawing and thickening metal plate by UL1200t

 · Integrate two components and stop welding

 · 2 lathe processes, heat treatment, side pierce(press) and wash after press processes.

 · Final product weight: 444gr (51.1%)

Materials : SPHE、869gr

Metal sheet forging< Presshre Vessel (VA) >

This thesis is particular to us ; press maker who owns two thesis of method including forging and pressing. Metal-sheet forging enables to abolish intermediate process such as annealing , bonding. This method also makes a role of relieving weight of each press process.

 · Transferred Metal–Sheet forging has contributed drastic cost-cut.

 · We have established Metal Sheet forging by material thickness increase.

Cut model

Tooth-Forming< HUB (CVT) >

Our particular 1 process tooth-forming method enables drastic process-cut , although common process is multi process such as Grove-rolling or Drawing is common.

 · One process for tooth forming

 · 2 persons / line

 · 180,000/M

 · Adopted Metal Sheet forming

 · All process are done by press process until final process

 · 11 process by automated press line

 · Both dedicated line and flexible manpower line has been compatible Just-in time system and product cost.

Cut model
Robot line

Cold Forging Transfer < Pipe Nut >

Cut model

Particular Cold-Forging Machine named UL which is made by AIDA enabled to improve productivity drastically by abolishing intermediate stock and intermediate process to shorten multi process for itself.

 · Processed by Transferred Line

 · Formed by 7 Stage ( 5process ) by UL 800t

 · 200,000/M

 · Suspension Parts

 · Product which has achieved ultimate yield ratio and productivity

 · No intermediate stock brought by intermediate heat treatment

Precise shearing< Pawl Parking Lock >

We have achieved 100% shear blanking, which was almost impossible by ordinary press machine. Target for this precise blanking ranges from thicker material more than 10mm width of blanking position is thinner than material thickness, particular formed product such as gear parts or key parts.

 · Pawl Parking Lock parts for Hybrid Vehicle‘s trans-axle

 · First Cold-Forged Pawl Parking Lock parts in TOYOTA

 · Yield ratio has been improved by 50% to compare with Metal Sheet Blanking by forming from bar steel.

Enlarged view of Pawl Parking

Metal Flow Control< VCT Parts >

We have succeeded in forming cubically complex product only by pressing by improving degree of forming.

 · Cold-Forging Process : 5 process Press Process : 3 process (No annealing)

 · This is the product formed by thickness increase and thickness decrease

 · Flow control from thickness 8mm sheet metal

Cut model
Toshima production system supports our unique technology.

Cold-Forging + Press

Both“Heading”and“Pushing”are factor of Cold-forging. On the other hand , each factor such as“Blanking”, “Bending”, and “Drawing”is based on Press. We are the manufacturer to be able to suggest customers the best process to apply both metal forming theory. We improve yield ratio to diminish amount of scrap to think over pre-formed material form thoroughly and make use of parts-former forging process. We are aiming at producing innovating product to exceed former Cold-forging thesis to apply new technology such as Metal-sheet cold-forging technology or extra-precise blanking technology.

Consistent In-house production system

Our principal technology such as process development or mold development is 100% in-house service. Also, every press process including cold-forging, ordinary press, intermediate process including annealing, shot-blasting, bonding, finish process including machining cut are done in house consistently. These consistent in-house production system brought abolishment of excessive lead time and intermediate stock.

Substantial facility

6 UL Press machines manufactured by AIDA, which is the symbol of precise press machine, are equipped. (one of 6 press machine is set in Thai factory.) 5 Parts-former forging machine.Cold-forging press machine ranges from 80t to 1,500t. Ordinary press machine amounts to 80 totally. Also, 2 3D Coordinating machines and other measuring instruments are equipped as well.

Quality–Environment Management System

We have obtained ISO 9,000 in 2,000 earlier than any other press makers. Project for TS16949 is being carried on right now. As environmental certification system, we have also obtained KES (Step2). We apply this certification to regular energy saving activity and environmental conservation activity.