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Message from President

Toshima Manuracturing founded at Kaname-cho, Tokyo in 1945.

Toshima Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1945. We started manufacturing business as an audio speaker parts' maker. We continue to introduce the latest facilities since we started our business.

On the other hand, we stick to cutting the cost by improving our technology and efficiency of production to keep up the tide. We decided to improve our ability for technology development to survive in the situation because both mass production and price competition were not the standard of manufacturing business anymore. Since then, we concentrate on car parts instead of audio speaker parts.

We also established the innovating pressing method to combine cold forging and Parts Former processing. Our products are both highly qualified and reasonable by adopting these technologies. We overcome the limit of manufacturing by our own technology for the problems that ordinary pressing methods don't work by our own technology. We propose suitable material and process to our customers and promise to cooperate with each other for new products' development.

Toshima Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Eiichi Arai

Corporate Philosophy

1. Supplying innovative products to the world by excellent technology to satisfy customers' ideal.

2. Becoming a valuable company by enriching people's life and global environment through our business.

Quality Policy

Supplying high quality and high reliability products to satisfy customer requirement.